The Anti Bullying Mobile App


If you feel depressed, you should just change your mindset and you are good to go. Depression does not exist. You should just laugh it out and everything will be just fine. These are the words that you will hear from people who do not have any idea about depression and how they affect a person. Depression is not a laughing matter. It is a serious condition that millions of people are suffering from. Someone who has depression should seek professional help right away. If you know someone who has depression, he should be helped and taken care of by the people around him.


Bullying is an aggressive behavior toward someone with the aim of physically and emotionally harming that person. It can be in the form of hurting that someone through words and actions. Anyone who is practicing bullying in the school or the office should be stopped immediately. Bullying is often not recognizable because both the bully and the one being bullied do not want to talk about it. The bully will not show himself because of disciplinary action, firing, or expulsion. The one being bullied is already scared for his life and he will not do anything to tell the story and blame the bully for everything that happens to him.


Depression and Bullying

Bullying and depression are common experiences that people around the world have in their daily lives. Our website visitors may have tons of stories to tell about their depression, their experiences about it, the thoughts that come inside their heads, and the physical and emotional harm that they cause themselves. Bullying is also done in many parts of the globe. Even tech blogs can prove how someone from one country can bully another person from another country. This is called cyberbullying. As technology advances every year, the connection of every person grow closer and closer. Technology is meant to be for the good of mankind. But it may also have detrimental effects for other people. This was not intentional but only a result of the mind of the people themselves.

Build a Website

The company aims to build a website that will help us increase awareness about depression and bullying. We want to reach out to more people and have full discussions about what depression is, how it affects people, and what we can do to alleviate depression. We also want to foster care and love for people and avoid bullying as a whole. We cannot go on in a world where hate prospers and love declines. This is the original cause of the site.

Mobile App

Our team of therapists and psychologists found out that the best solution for depressed and bullied people is to have someone accessible to them. This person should be available to also text, call, or chat with them at any time that they need to have someone to converse with. By creating an app and a network of professional therapists, we can slowly but surely help each other out and solve the problem of depression all over the world.

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