About Us

Having depression and being bullied are two cases that require serious attention. Some of the website visitors who are here right now may have a loved one who is being hurt emotionally or are undergoing a lot of stress. Others have been clinically diagnosed with depression and others have found out in themselves that they do not just feel sad or anxious but they are truly one who has depression.

A person who has depression needs to continuously have someone available to talk to. He has to have someone whom he can rely on to make sound decisions about his life. Sometimes, a depressed person cannot rely on his mind to decide on things. He needs to calm his mind by talking to someone. Being able to have access to someone ready to converse with you is important.

Who We Are

We are a team of therapists and counselors who saw the need for people affected with depression to have access for other people to talk to. Therapists will not always be available because they have working hours. But if he will have a tool to use to be able to talk to someone whenever he needs to, then that would be great for him. Through years of experience, we can derive a conclusion that the best solution for people with depression is for someone to have conversations with.

What Do We Offer

We build a website that will cater to the needs of people for someone to talk to. We want our website visitors to list their names to help other people with depression. You can get others out of their depression cycle by just being there for him.