Depression is not just a feeling that people have for a short time. This should not be compared to the feeling of being sad. Depression is a true condition and a lot of people suffer from it. It still cannot be explained where it is rooted from but more and more are being affected by depression. A lot of website visitors whom we have and are reading the contents of the pages here may be suffering from depression right now.

Bullying is making another person feel pain and uncomfortable by physically, verbally, and emotionally hurting him. Sometimes, a bully is not aware that he is a bully. He just wants to make life miserable for another person. Bullying should not be, in any way, practiced in any place and at any time.

Bullying occurs everywhere. It may happen in the school, in the office, in the park, and even at home. It should not be tolerated anywhere. It should not be supported by anyone. And people must not be enticed into bullying any kind of person. If bullying is seen to be done in a place that you are in, you must help in preventing it from happening ever again.

Everyone is prone to depression. There may be studies which say that the causes of depression may be caused by the external environment. Some studies try to prove that depression is caused by genetics. No matter what the causes are, the truth of the matter is that it exists. And someone who has depression should be helped as soon as possible.

It depends on whether it is proven as depression or not. You must first ask a professional to diagnose whether that person is clinically depressed or not. After this, you must be available to him as much as possible. You also need to check on him every once in a while to know if he needs help.

We build a website for people with depression. You can sign up on our website and also on our list of people who can be available to talk to these people. Go to our homepage to know more.